Your Image, My Vision

I have been serving the Twin Cities Metro area for over 30 years, working independently and as a freelancer, providing high quality photographic and video services. My passion for photography goes back to when I was 12 years old. 
I had joined a photography club in 7th grade and never got over the excitement over seeing photos develop before my eyes.  After graduating from high School (Thomas Jefferson Bloomington) I joined the U.S. Navy as a Photographer attached to the Atlantic Feet Audio Visual Command's Combat Camera Group where I photographed Nationally and Abroad on assignments involving numerous ships; aircraft carriers; jet aircraft-A6's; helicopters and Navy shore stations. I was trained in photojournalism, motion picture-film and videography. After my full time duty commitment was completed, I served as a Navy Reservist working in Navy Intelligence until 1983. 
I received my college degree using the G.I. Bill and have worked not only as a Photographer but as a (Video) Photojournalist for Network TV news and Local TV news (including Kare 11 when it was WTCN 11). I've been self-employed since 1984 enjoying the pleasure of photographing people in a variety of settings and activities - capturing the human personality is my favorite subject.
After 30 years of photographing, I feel grateful that my profession is still my passion (other than my wife). 
Other than photography, my next favorite hobby is Scuba Diving which I enjoy doing with my wife Nancy. She's been a certified scuba diver since 1999 and I since 1977.
The two people I consider my greatest heroes are my parents, Jennie and Jorgen. They have provided me with the greatest foundation of love and support that anyone could ask for.